Ca Inox: Why You Should Choose Us

For over a decade, we've been engaging with companies and operators both domestically and internationally. As an Italian company specialized in the production of stainless steel tanks and cisterns, we also excel in customized plant design, operating both as technicians and consultants.

We have listened to our customers and dedicated time to researching and addressing issues common across industries. Guided by new technologies and innovations, we continuously update our knowledge to ensure we consistently deliver concrete answers and effective solutions.

We work with both our heads and hands, making no compromises. We've honed our technical skills to swiftly identify the right solutions for your specific needs, and have built a team of professionals united in their goal to find the simplest solutions to your challenges.

Our Commitment

We are a youthful company aspiring to make our mark and achieve high levels of quality. To reach this goal, we are committed in several areas:

High Quality of the Finished Product:

We cannot afford mistakes. Our work is performed with meticulous care and thoroughness.

Timeliness in Implementation:

As a dynamic company, we grow through collaboration. Our skills and specializations foster mutual trust.

Design Consultancy:

We've been in this industry for a long time. Even before Ca Inox was established, we were solving many industrial problems.

Manual Processing:

Using our hands and technologically advanced machinery, we transform steel into engineering works of the highest quality.

Realization on Drawing:

We give technical form to sketched designs using modern, cutting-edge software.

All Components Are Custom-Made:

We handle each piece individually to assemble exclusive and innovative products.

Customized Finishes:

We listen to your needs and cater to your preferences. You choose the finish you prefer from our offerings: satin, brushed, or polished.

Free Quotes:

The formulation of our estimates, which involve fully customized projects, includes several professionals who bring specific expertise and devote valuable time, all at no cost to you.

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