Stainless Steel Industrial Tanks for the Bioenergy and Environmental Sector

We design and manufacture cisterns and tanks for the water recycling and purification chain, serving companies of all sizes that operate across various sectors and manage industrial sludge from processing or organic waste. Our team comprises reliable technicians who are up-to-date on environmental safety issues and continually educated on current recycling and waste treatment legislation.

Our stainless steel container models are fully customizable. Depending on the type of waste, company size, and available space, we will recommend the best solution. Our purpose-designed systems enable you to conduct purification operations efficiently, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and maintain practicality from an operational standpoint.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Shape of the Stored Product

In our stainless steel containers for the bioenergy and environmental sector, various materials and waste can be accommodated:

  • Liquids, oily substances.
  • Muddy consistencies.
  • Raw materials in the form of plants, grass, leaves, manure, and animal waste.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Entire Production Chain

Usefulness in the Collection Phase

During this initial phase, industrial liquids from the processing of raw materials such as stone and leather, or waste produced by animals, are contained, accumulated, and stored in large cylindrical silos of varying sizes, depending on demand.

Usefulness in the Processing Phase

Sewage sludge and wastewater are recycled using special tanks built to integrate into dedicated plants.

Usefulness in the Logistical Phase

In this final step, our tanks and cisterns designed for transporting liquid waste are prepared to be mounted on trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for Specific Industries

There are various types of liquid waste produced on an industrial level, categorized into hazardous and non-hazardous. Our solutions assist both local and global companies through production and processing stages where liquid waste is generated and retained by water. Using our containers helps protect the planet and enables intelligent recycling.

  • Livestock Sector: For slurry collection and transport.
  • Stone Industry: For sludge collection, transport, and water treatment.
  • Tanning Industry: For the collection and treatment of wastewater generating sludge.
  • Energy Sources Sector: For the collection of all types of organic material derived, directly or indirectly, from chlorophyll photosynthesis and available on a renewable basis.
  • Waste Disposal Sector: For the collection and purification of industrial wastes resulting from the processing of other materials and producing wastewater.

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