Microbeading of Metal Surfaces

We offer an in-house Microbeading service: a cold surface finishing treatment. This process involves hammering the steel surface with glass microspheres, giving the treated pieces a uniform and velvety texture. This treatment is similar to micro-peening, which also enhances the metal's fatigue resistance by inducing compressive stresses.

Different Abrasive Microspheres for Different Effects

To achieve varying effects, we use:

  • Glass microspheres: Ideal for treating alloys and soft materials.

Call us if you want to enhance the appearance of your AISI 304/316 Stainless Steel equipment or objects.

Call us if you aim to stand out from the competition by improving some external structures.

Call us if you welcome company visits and want your equipment to impress.

Our surface treatment is suitable for every type and size of object. It is performed on our own production parts as well as components you send to us.

Three Advantages You Gain with This Service:

Surface Homogeneity of the Object

After the microbeading treatment, even a complex object composed of several components will appear as a single unified piece, rather than the sum of its parts.

Elimination of Small Surface Defects

Microbeading is applied uniformly across the entire object to remove visual imperfections caused by welding and other processes. This precision is akin to the benefits derived from micro-peening, which also targets enhancements in surface condition.

limination of Contamination Due to Processing

Microbeading not only beautifies but also sanitizes objects, protecting the metal from corrosion, similar to how micro-peening can alter surface properties to extend longevity.

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