Stainless Steel Industrial Tanks for the Food and beverage Industry

We design and manufacture tanks and reservoirs suited for the entire food chain. We cater to businesses of all sizes—small, medium, or large—seeking a reliable partner for developing technologically advanced engineering products.

Our stainless steel container models are fully customizable. Depending on your industry, your production capacity, and your position in the supply chain, we will advise you on the best solution. A customized system allows you to store food efficiently, ensuring safety from a regulatory perspective and practicality from an operational standpoint.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Shape of the Stored Product

Goods and raw materials of different shapes and natures can be accommodated in our stainless steel containers for the industrial sector:

  • Liquids, oily substances.
  • Semi-liquids, creamy, pasteurized products.
  • Powders or grit.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Entire Production Chain

Usefulness in the Production Phase

In this initial phase, agricultural products or complex mixtures, whether in small, medium, or large quantities, can be preserved, mixed, and stored in our stainless steel industrial containers as required.

Usefulness in the Transformation Phase

Raw materials can undergo a secondary process in specially constructed mixers or affiorators to be transformed into consumer products, which are later bottled or packaged in special packaging.

Usefulness in the Distribution Phase

In this final stage, our tanks and cisterns designed for transporting liquid foodstuffs are built to be mounted on trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. Depending on the product being handled, they are equipped with special temperature control devices.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for Specific Industries

The food and agribusiness supply chain encompasses many product lines designed to satisfy the tastes of increasingly discerning consumers. This is why our solutions assist industries, both local and global, that have unique production and processing stages.

  • Agricultural and Livestock Sector: For holding drinking water, collecting, and storing agricultural products.
  • Dairy Sector: For milk collection, production of milk products, and transport.
  • Beverage Sector: For the storage, production, and transport of liquids such as carbonated soft drinks.
  • General Food Sector: For storing smoothies, sauces, creams, herbal teas, or fresh foods.
  • Fruit Juice Sector: For the production of fruit purees, juices, and concentrates.
  • Confectionery Market: For the production and distribution of creams, yogurts, and derivatives.
  • Early Childhood Market: For the production and distribution of products for feeding children aged 0-3 years, such as freeze-dried foods, homogenized foods, purees, creams, and sauces.
  • Animal Husbandry Sector: For storing and producing mixtures, powders, or animal feeds.

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