Stainless Steel Industrial Tanks for the Petrochemical Industry

We design and manufacture tanks and reservoirs for industries operating within the petrochemical supply chain. We cater to businesses seeking a reliable partner who is well-versed in safety standards, regulations, and who possesses advanced technical expertise.

Our stainless steel container models are fully customizable. Depending on the raw materials processed, your production capacity, and the intended use of the 'finished' product, we will recommend a tailor-made system.

Tanks and Reservoirs Adapted to the Shape of the Processed Material

In our stainless steel containers designed for the petrochemical industry, they can accommodate:

  • Raw materials in liquid form, such as petroleum or hydrocarbon fractions from its distillation.
  • Raw materials in gaseous form, such as natural gas.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Entire Production Chain

Usefulness in the Production Phase

For semi-finished products with varying physical-chemical properties, procurement, preservation, and safe storage are conducted in our stainless steel containers. Depending on requirements, we develop solutions in small, medium, or large sizes.

Usefulness in the Processing Phase

Raw materials undergo a series of transformations that require equipment with high technical performance and the highest quality standards. All our stainless steel containers can be customized with an ATEX-certified agitator.

Usefulness in the Distribution Phase

Our tanks and cisterns for transporting liquids and gases are utilized to handle both raw materials and products resulting from processing, destined for both national and international markets.

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