Ca Inox: High-Quality Services Guaranteed for All

To deliver state-of-the-art, high-performance products, we also perform operations and treatments on existing systems that require specific enhancements or maintenance.

Included Services for All

  • Customized Design:
    Tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Final Inspection According to Regulations:
    Ensuring all products meet regulatory standards.

  • Qualified Personnel:
    Skilled experts dedicated to quality and precision.

  • Organization of Transport:
    Efficient logistics handling for all products.

  • Fast Customer Service:
    Prompt responses to all inquiries.

  • Respect of Delivery Times:
    Reliable adherence to agreed timelines.

Services on Request

  • Plasma Cutting of Sheet Metal and Tube:
    Precision cutting for enhanced product finish.

  • Micro Shot Peening Treatment:
    Advanced surface finishing to improve durability and appearance.

  • Possibility of Assembling the Tanks at Your Company:
    On-site assembly services.

  • Organization of Exceptional Transport:
    Special logistics solutions for oversized or unique items.

  • On-Call Maintenance:
    Ready and responsive maintenance services to ensure operational continuity.

We assure every client of meticulous and customized design, focusing on careful and precise planning and execution.

Our on-call maintenance service provides high-performance technical support, ensuring your operations continue smoothly without interruptions.

Moreover, we offer exclusive services that set us apart from many competitors. If you aspire to distinguish your operations and achieve your production and business goals, discover how we can support your ambitions.

Microbeading is a special finish we apply to make your installations unique and of superior quality.

Plasma Cutting is a technique we use to ensure a finer finished product.

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