Ca Inox: Tanks and Reservoirs for Various Industries

With our customized tanks and reservoirs, we cater to the industrial supply chain across multiple product sectors. Our products are essential at every stage of value creation: from production and processing to transport and distribution, and finally, storage and warehousing.

Each sector has unique characteristics, a technical profile, and specific requirements that must be met. The design of the tank or reservoir you need is determined by the type of product it will hold, applicable safety regulations, the industry it serves, and your personal preferences.

We meticulously analyze each individual situation to find the best solution for you. Leveraging our knowledge, skills, and experience, we are capable of crafting industrial stainless steel containers in an artisanal manner.


Industrial containers to collect agricultural products, but also mixers for the dairy chain.

For the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector

Industrial containers for supply activities, as well as chemical reactors and agitators.

For the Cosmetics Sector

Industrial containers for producing perfumes, as well as enamels, powders, and oily mixtures for makeup.

For the Oenological Sector

Industrial containers for all winemaking processes, and also for beer, spirits, and vinegar.

For the Olive Oil Sector

Industrial containers for oil storage, temperature maintenance, and logistics.

For the Bioenergy/Environmental Sector

Industrial containers for collecting liquid waste, recycling, and wastewater purification.

For the Petrochemical Sector

Industrial containers for the storage, preservation, and transport of diesel fuel and its derivatives for use in various sectors.

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