Industrial Stainless Steel Tanks for the Wine Industry

We design and manufacture tanks and reservoirs for the entire production process of wine, beer, and spirits. We cater to wineries, farms, distilleries, breweries, and local producers of all sizes who are looking for a reliable partner to help find the most suitable solutions for their business.

Our stainless steel container models are fully customizable. Depending on the type of beverage you produce, your production capacity, your working method, and your position in the supply chain, we will design the best equipment for your needs. Our custom-designed systems allow you to store and produce wine, vinegar, spirits, or beer efficiently, safely from a regulatory standpoint, and practically from an operational perspective.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Shape of the Stored Product

Our stainless steel containers for the wine industry can accommodate:

  • Only liquid
  • Liquid mixed with peels
  • Liquid mixed with other natural elements

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Entire Production Chain

Usefulness in the Production Phase

During this phase, our containers are utilized to collect, preserve, and store raw materials or liquids for bottling. We produce silos, insulated or single-walled tanks, and cisterns for storing the processed product.

Usefulness in the Processing Phase

Achieving a high-quality finished product requires time and delicate work processes. This is why industrial equipment for vinification, stabilization, and storage must be designed by experienced technicians who assess each case individually.

Usefulness in the Distribution Phase

Depending on the length of the supply chain, companies needing to transport the finished product to bottling plants or other production facilities require tanks and cisterns for the safe handling of liquids on trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for Specific Industries

The alcoholic beverage supply chain encompasses different products that require varying processes, which also conform to the working methods of each specific company. This is why our solutions support both local and global markets, which have unique production and processing steps.

  • Wineries and Farms: For harvesting and fermentation of grapes.
  • Breweries: For the formulation and pasteurization of beer.
  • Distilleries: For the production operations of brandy, grappa, and other spirits.
  • Vinegar Producers: A derivative of wine that shares some of the winemaking processes.

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