Industrial Stainless Steel Tanks for the Cosmetics Industry

We design and manufacture tanks and reservoirs for the development of cosmetic products, serving small, medium, and large-sized companies within the supply chain seeking a reliable partner with advanced technical expertise.

Our stainless steel container models are fully customizable. Depending on the type of cosmetic product you produce, your production capacity, and your position within the supply chain, we will advise you on the optimal solution. Our specially designed systems allow for the efficient, safe (from a regulatory standpoint), and practical storage of mixtures and substances for aesthetics and well-being.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Shape of the Stored Product

In our stainless steel containers for the cosmetics industry, we can incorporate materials of various shapes and natures:

  • Liquids, oily substances.
  • Semi-liquids, creamy substances.
  • Powders, grits.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for the Entire Production Chain

Usefulness in the Production Phase

Mixtures, powders, or liquids used in the formulation of makeup and similar products can be stored, mixed, and blended in our small, medium, or large stainless steel industrial containers, as required.

Usefulness in the Processing Stage

Raw materials can undergo mixing treatments or chemical reactions within containers such as mixers, dissolvers, and chemical reactors. This equipment is indispensable for the production of nail polish, creams, and personal care detergents.

Usefulness in the Distribution Phase

In this final stage, our tanks and cisterns designed for transporting liquids, creams, or body care oils are installed on trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. Depending on the length of the supply chain, they can be transported to specialized bottling and packaging facilities.

Tanks and Reservoirs Suitable for Specific Industries

The cosmetics industry comprises many product lines designed to meet diverse and varied consumer needs. This is why our solutions support both local and global markets with unique production and processing requirements.

  • Make-up and Nail Varnish Market: For containing powders, mixtures, and specific substances.
  • Body and Face Cleansing Market: For containing liquids, creams, oils, and ointments.
  • Perfume Market: For containing liquids.
  • Oral Hygiene Market: For containing liquids and creamy substances.
  • Hair Care and Beard Care Market: For containing liquids, mixtures, oils, and ointments.

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